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Why A Dog Monitor Camera?

The bond between a dog & his owner is something very special. A dog loves his master unconditionally and these relationships are far more than an owner/pet relationship.  It is a special bond. A dog is seen as a member of the family. Treated with the love and respect that it deserves. We often feel guilty when we have to leave our furry family members at home when we go off to work or away on a business trip. This is why we’ve looked for the best dog camera which will help you be “close” to your dog, even though you might be separated by a long distance.

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Furbo Dog Camera Review

The Furbo Dog Camera is the Best Dog Camera on the market in our opinion. It’s a pet camera that’s been endorsed by Ellen Degeneres and for good reason. Designed with dogs in mind! The Furbo Dog Camera was designed with the input of veterinarians, professional dog trainers, and dog parents. It was designed specifically for dogs and has all the features that they need and will love.

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Live Dog Camera

With the camera, you will be able to see and interact with your dogs from anywhere in the world. No matter if you are just going away for a night or plan to go on a long vacation, you are able to have peace of mind knowing that you can check in on your pet whenever you want. The camera records in 1080p which means that you can see everything with your pet in crystal clear detail. In addition to the clear picture, the Furbo Dog Camera has a 160-degree wide-angle and a 4x digital zoom day and night.

Dog Camera App

You can not only use the free Furbo iOS or Android app to watch your dog, but you can even use it to toss treats to your dog from the comfort of your mobile phone from anywhere in the world. Who would have thought that you can be playing with your furry friend from your office chair, lying on the beach during your summer vacation or during a work trip.

While the Furbo Dog Camera has great video features, the beta features are one of our favorite parts of the camera. These include a variety of Real-Time Smart Dog Alerts. These alerts help you know exactly what is going on while you are away. These aren’t just general sound and motion alerts like other cameras, they are specific alerts related to your dog. The events are then combined into an easy to see and share timeline so you know what happened all day while you weren’t home.

One of these features is a Dog Activity Alert. This tells you when your dog is doing something like chewing, jumping on furniture, or any anxiety-related activities like licking feet or pacing. Another feature is the Dog Selfie Alert. This alert sends you photos when your dog is facing the camera. This allows you to get adorable selfies of your dog all day. Finally, there is a “Person Alert.” This alerts you when a person comes into view of the camera so you can know if an intruder is in your home or if the dog sitter is in your home.

Talk & Listen to your Pets

In addition to all of these features, there are also two-way audio and speakers. These are great so you can talk to and hear your pets and a treat dispenser so you can reward your pets for good behavior. Finally, our favorite feature is the adjustable barking alert. The microphone monitors your dog’s barking so you can make sure that they don’t annoy the neighbors. It also helps you stop bad behavior in its tracks.

Dog Treat Packaging

You can fill Furbo Dog Camera with your dogs’ favorite treats & reward him for good behaviour or play catch. It can hold over 100 pieces of  round shaped treats with a diameter about 0.4 inches. Recommended treats: Crazy Dog Train-Me Mini, Natural Balance Mini-Rewards & Zuke’s Mini,Nutro Mini.

In our opinion, the Furbo Dog Camera is one of the best pet cameras in the market right now & the best dog camera.

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This is what Amazon reviewer Lori had to say about her Furbo Dog Camera:

I would rate this a perfect 10 if it was possible! The product itself is amazing and perfect for us that worry about our babies when we leave the house. I can see what they are up to anywhere I go whenever I want. When it’s pitch black it has a night vision camera so you can still see them. I was hesitant at 1st thinking my 2 yr old 115lb german shepherd would just plow it over when he first heard my voice but thanks to the training video and advice on how to introduce your pet to it that didnt happen. If anyone reading this worries about your pets while away then trust me you want this!! Also very importantly the customer service team is mind blowing professional, patient and kind!!

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