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We all have a deep love for our pets & we all want to keep an eye on our furry friends while we’re not at home to watch over them in person. Having a pet camera allows us to watch our pets from anywhere in the world. In the past, it was only those with a fat wallet who had the luxury of being able to afford a one, but not anymore!

We’ve done the homework for you folk who don’t have much to spend on a pet camera & found the best inexpensive pet camera so that you won’t have to worry that Fido is in destress while you’re not home. Read our review & see why we think it’s the best pet camera in its class.

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LeFun Wireless Pet Camera

Best Affordable Pet Camera

Setting up a pet camera can be a time consuming and frustrating process. From fiddling around with wires and trying to get it set in just the right spot to unreliable streams and blurry pictures. None of these are issues with the LeFun Wireless Pet Camera.


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Easy Petcam Set-Up

The LeFun Wireless Pet Camera is incredibly easy to set up. After removing it from the box, all you have to do it plug it in, download the MIPC App and connect the camera to your wireless network. After that, you will have a reliable stream of your home and pets.

Pan and Tilt using the Pet Camera App

This camera can pan 350 degrees and tilt up and down 100-degrees. This gives you a clear view of the room and allows you to keep an eye on things. Users control the panning and tilting with the MIPC App and even access the 8x zoom to see more details.. Take a look at the YouTube video below to see this being demonstrated. This ensures that you never miss what is going on in your home.

Great Night Vision Camera for Watching your Animals

Seeing your home and pets in the dark is an important feature when buying a camera for your pets. With the LeFun Wireless Pet Camera, you’ll be able to see 32 feet in the dark. This is thanks to its 1 Dot Matrix Infrared Lights. You can also set up motion detection so you get a notification to your phone whenever there is a movement within the view of the camera.

Great Storage Options

One of the best features of the LeFun Wireless Pet Camera is the storage. It comes equipped with a microSD storage of 128GB. That’s not all though. The camera also comes with access to 1TB of Cloudbox Cloud Storage. This enables the user to choose which videos they want to store and where they want to store them.

You don’t have to worry about your videos being safe either. The Cloud Storage is secured with financial-industry level encryption and the MIPC App has the same security. This means that your videos and stream stay safe and out of the hands of hackers.

If you are looking for a safe and secure camera that lets you choose your storage options, the LeFun Wireless Pet Camera is the one for you.

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Petcam Review

Here’s what Chey91 said when reviewing the LeFun Wireless Pet Camera on Amazon:

I love this camera!! I got it for my dog, who has separation anxiety and it’s so nice that I’m able to keep tabs on her through my phone while I am at work. There’s even a feature to be able to talk to her! And it also records sound so I know when she’s barking up a storm or whining like crazy. There’s a zoom feature and the camera is able to move side to side and up and down as needed, plus there is a night vision option as well. I couldn’t have asked for a better camera for the price!