Best Puppy Cams

Why have a Puppy Monitor with a Cam App?

So you bring the little bundle of fluff home and she/he is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Bringing a new puppy into your home is like bringing a newborn baby home from the hospital. You’re not just a new pet owner, you’re a new mommy or daddy! The bonding starts immediately. Puppies can be mischievous & very naughty while they’re exploring and learning, but they can also be innocent & clumsy which is why keeping an eye on your puppy while you’re not at home is so important. Keeping an eye on them and making them feel as relaxed as possible while you’re away from your puppy is vitally important in raising a companion for life. Finding the best puppy cam can be difficult, especially one with an easy to use puppy cam app. Luckily for you, we’ve done the research so you don’t need to.

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Best Puppy Cam

PetChatz HDX Pet Camera Treat Dispenser with Aromatherapy

When it comes to choosing a pet camera for your puppies, there are a lot of different options. You can get ones that rotate and spin, ones that have treat dispensers and laser toys. You even get ones that have bark detectors! No matter what you are looking for, there is a pet camera for you. We are particularly fond of the new & improved PetChatz HDX Pet Camera Treat Dispenser with Aromatherapy because it has features totally unique to other pet cameras which we feel is ideal for the new puppy or, if you’re brave, puppies in your life. This is the 3rd & most advanced version of the Petchatz pet treat cameras.

Great Puppy Monitor with brilliant features

Some of the features this camera has include: soothing aromatherapy, compatibility with PawCall, DOGTV, and the PetChatz PetWatch. The aromatherapy is a unique feature that no other camera has at the moment. It allows you to release soothing aromatherapy into the air to calm anxious dogs. This can prevent and stop barking as well as halt nervous behaviors like chewing. Overall, it can make your pet feel calmer and safer even when you aren’t at home. A puppy is your fur baby and babies can get anxious when their mom or dad leaves them. This is why the aromatherapy feature is perfect for calming an anxious puppy while you’re not at home. 

PawCall is one of our favorite features compatible with the PetChatz Pet Camera Treat Dispenser with Aromatherapy. PawCall(sold separately) is a totally unique feature that allows your pet to call you and play games. Simply place the PawCall button near your PetChatz Camera and your pet can press the button and call you. The PetChatz Camera has two-way audio and video so you and your pet can see and talk to each other. There are two ways to monitor your pet. You can alert your pet that you are watching them or you can opt to silently monitor them just to check in on them.

Two way audio & two way video means that you get to fully interact with your puppy while you’re not physically with them. Your fur baby can see & hear you to to help ease the separation anxiety that puppies often feel when you’re not able to be with them.

The new Petchatz HDX offers a wide-angle 1080p video streaming camera which makes the video quality better than the previous 720p model. This gives you better low light video performance. This model also provides stronger Wi-Fi connectivity and is compatible with 2.4 GHz and 5GHz.

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Puppy Treat Dispenser

The puppy treat dispenser feature of the Petchatz HDX pet treat camera is another great interactive feature of this amazing puppy monitor. Puppies are little sponges that learn so fast. Teaching them to associate certain sights, sounds & commands from an early age can help build the bond between yourself & your fur baby and help them learn what is expected of them.

The chime which the Petchatz HDX sounds when a treat is dispensed teaches your puppy to associate the chime to the treat. This is a great way to reward good behavior & interact in a positive way with your puppy when you’re not physically with your puppy. Of course any behavior taught to your puppy will lay the foundation for positive behavior from your dog as he/she grows older.

Puppy Camera App

The camera is completely controllable with the PetChatz App. The app allows you to control the camera and dispense treats. This lets you interact with your pet & reward good behavior. This also allows you to make sure that they are happy and healthy while you are gone.

The PetChatz HDX Pet Camera Treat Dispenser with Aromatherapy is made in the USA and fully attaches to your wall with no corners or edges for your pet to chew. This is especially important for puppies because they love chewing things because of those itchy gums while they’re losing those baby teeth. You can place the camera on the wall at your pet’s eye-level. After you unpack the camera, you can hook it up to your home’s wireless network, attach it to the wall, and get started. The camera gives you full control over when you want to access it.

The camera also has sound and motion detection. If sound or motion is detected, the camera will record 30 seconds of video so you can see what is happening with your pet. You will get a notification on your phone from the PetChatz App and be able to immediately view the video. If you are looking for a unique pet camera that has aromatherapy features and attaches directly to the wall, the PetChatz Pet Camera Treat Dispenser with Aromatherapy is a great option. If you’ve got a larger furry friend , take a look at our review of the Best Dog treat Cameras.


Puppy Cam Review

This is what Amazon reviewer Lynda had to say about her Petchatz Pet HDX Camera Treat Dispenser with Aromatherapy:

We just started to use our PetChatz HDX. The installation was easy and the features and functions are well thought out and fun!! I am looking forward to many years of fun with my pup, which will especially come in handy when I am traveling and want to stay in touch. It does my heart good to know that they can hear me, see me and get treats even when I am not there.

The silent mode is helpful because it allows me to just check in on them without the interaction. And I LOVE the PetWatch feature – it senses sound and motion and records a video so I know what’s going on with my pets. More than anything, I have to say the customer support behind this product is outstanding! Not only does a human answer the phone, they go above and beyond to make sure we are happy. This kind of customer service is unheard of these days – can’t say enough good things about them!


2nd Best Puppy Monitor

The COOAU HD Pet Camera

If you’re nervous about leaving your puppy at home alone and want to keep an eye on your fur baby then the COOAU pet camera is a great option. This camera allows you to watch over your puppy to make sure that they’re ok as well as interact with them so that their separation anxiety is reduced.

Quality Puppy Cam for Home

The COOAU puppy camera is an ultra HD 4MP camera which brings you beautiful clear images of your puppy during the day and at night. The advanced AI technology prevents unnecessary alerts which are often caused by insects & similar small objects. The fact that this great puppy camera is compatible with Alexa means that you can use voice commands.

User Friendly Puppy Camera App

The easily downloadable puppy cam app allows you to control the COOAU pet camera & is extremely user friendly. You can be sitting in your office & talking to your puppy through the app on your phone. The 2 way audio allows you to hear your fur baby “talk” back to you too. The app also allows you to easily move the camera up & down and from side to side a full 360 degrees. Zooming in & out is as easy as a tap on the screen of your smart phone. We were very impressed by the picture quality, it was crisp & clear even when using the 8x zoom.

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Puppy Monitor Review

This is what Amazon reviewer Donna had to say about her COOAU HD Pet Camera

Great puppy cam!

I bought this cam to keep an eye on my newly adopted puppy. I am a senior but do well setting up stuff. This was pretty easy to set up. Be sure you have a micro sd card – it is not included with the camera purchase. It is easy to adjust the angle/view of the camera by swiping. Zoom in and out is v good.. 2 way audio works nicely. Daytime pic quality is excellent; nighttime is v good but I have no experience with night vision anything. I am very pleased with the performance of this cam so far.