Best Puppy Cams

So you bring the little bundle of fluff home and she/he is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Bringing a new puppy into your home is like bringing a newborn baby home from the hospital. You’re not just a new pet owner, you’re a new mommy or daddy & the bonding starts immediately. Puppies can be mischievous & very naughty while they’re exploring and learning, but they can also be innocent & clumsy which is why keeping an eye on your puppy while you’re not at home is so important. Keeping an eye on them and making them feel as relaxed as possible while you’re away from your puppy is vitally important in raising a companion for life. Finding the best puppy cam can be difficult, but luckily for you we’ve done the research so you don’t need to.

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PetChatz Pet Camera Treat Dispenser with Aromatherapy

When it comes to choosing a pet camera for your puppies, there are a lot of different options. You can get ones that rotate and spin, ones that have treat dispensers and laser toys, and ones that have bark detectors. No matter what you are looking for, there is a pet camera for you. We are particularly fond of the PetChatz Pet Camera Treat Dispenser with Aromatherapy because it has features totally unique to other pet cameras which we feel is ideal for the new puppy or, if you’re brave, puppies in your life.

Some of the features this camera has include: soothing aromatherapy, compatibility with PawCall, DOGTV, and the PetChatz PetWatch. The aromatherapy is a unique feature that no other camera has at the moment. It allows you to release soothing aromatherapy into the air to calm anxious dogs. This can prevent and stop barking, halt nervous behaviors like chewing, and overall make your pet feel calmer and safer even when you aren’t at home. A puppy is your fur baby and babies can get anxious when their mom or dad leaves them which is why the aromatherapy feature is perfect for calming an anxious puppy while you’re not at home. 

PawCall is one of our favorite features compatible with the PetChatz Pet Camera Treat Dispenser with Aromatherapy. PawCall is a totally unique feature that allows your pet to call you and play games. Simply place the PawCall button near your PetChatz Camera and your pet can press the button and call you. The PetChatz Camera has two-way audio and video so you and your pet can see and talk to each other. There are two ways to monitor your pet: you can alert your pet that you are watching them or you can opt to silently monitor them just to check in on them.

The camera is completely controllable with the PetChatz App. The app allows you to control the camera and dispense treats. This lets you interact with your pet, reward good behavior and make sure that they are happy and healthy while you are gone.

The PetChatz Pet Camera Treat Dispenser with Aromatherapy also fully attaches to your wall with no corners or edges for your pet to chew. This is especially important for puppies because they love chewing things because of those itchy gums while they’re losing those baby teeth. You can place the camera on the wall at your pet’s eye-level. After you unpack the camera, you can hook it up to your home’s wireless, attach it to the wall, and get started. The camera gives you full control over when you want to access it.

The camera also has sound and motion detection. If sound or motion is detected, the camera will record 30 seconds of video so you can see what is happening with your pet. You will get a notification on your phone from the PetChatz App and be able to immediately view the video. If you are looking for a unique pet camera that has aromatherapy features and attaches directly to the wall, the PetChatz Pet Camera Treat Dispenser with Aromatherapy is a great option.

This is what Amazon reviewer Yasmin had to say about her Petchatz Pet Camera Treat Dispenser with Aromatherapy:

I honestly could not be more satisfied with this product, definitely my best purchase of the year! I have a dog that suffers from separation anxiety and another one with seizures. Petchatz gives me total peace of mind every day when I leave for work. Honestly it used to break my heart leaving them alone all day but this device just eliminated that feeling and I just enjoy peeking at them and calling them whenever I can throughout the day. I love the ability to set notifications for noise or movement, not to mention, petchatz records small videos from these notifications, which is awesome! I also LOVE the dog treat functionality and scents feature that turns on when you chat with your pet! If you are in the market for a pet camera I highly recommend investing on petchatz as its the most complete pet camera I’ve ever seen. I know that the price point is not ideal but I can truly say that Petchatz is worth every single penny! My pups are everything to me and honestly as a dog mom I could not be more happy and satisfied with this product! 🙂